MBISS/MBIS CH Westphal’s Shillalah ROMO


CH Westphal’s Shillalah

Wild Boar Standard Wirehaired Dog
Sire: CH Charlamar’s Noah W ROMO
Dam: CH Westphal’s Shamrock W
Whelped: April 25, 1967
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Peggy Westphal
Owner: Peggy Westphal


Out of CH Threesteps Tam O’Shanter:

  • CH Midernochs Sextus Wire ROMO
  • CH Vee M Dee’s Queen Cristina
  • CH Vee M Dee’s Wire Meeskite
  • CH Vee M Dee Penny v Midernoch W
  • CH Midernochs Duo of Mount Airy

Out of CH DeSangpur Fancy Free II:

  • CH Westphal’s Fair and Sunny

Out of Penthouse Wendy Windphal:

  • CH Maritza v Willemstad

Out of Westphals Berry W ROM:

  • CH Torals Dublin In Brass
  • CH Torals Sweet Bramble
  • CH Torals Cactus Bush
  • CH Torals Bramble Tangle
  • CH Torals Misty Morn
  • CH Torals Killarney W
  • CH Torals Bramble Bush W

Out of CH Westphal’s Beribboned:

  • CH Nemonstan’s Maven
  • CH Nemostan’s Samson

Out of CH Abaro’s Ivylee:

  • CH Ivy Dancer of Hines-Teckel
  • CH Ivylee’s Jesse James
  • CH Ivy Mischief of Hines-Teckel
  • CH Ivylynn Lee of Hines-Teckel
  • CH Ivy McMuffin of Hines-Teckel

Out of Vantebe’s Draht Noel Noel:

  • CH V Roblo’s Londonerry Aire

Out of CH Midernoch’s Wild Card W ROMO:

  • CH Barhar New Girl in Town W
  • CH Barhar Topper O’Bristleknoll
  • CH Barhar Gingerbread Lady W
  • CH Barhar Minnie’s Boy W ROMX
  • CH Barhar Dulcinea De La Mancha
  • CH Barhar Pickwick

Out of CH Westphal’s Limerick W:

  • CH O’Leary’s Dorcas W
  • CH O’Leary’s Deirdre W

Out of CH Brownstones Bel Canto W:

  • CH Westphals Teufel
  • CH Westphals Garden Party

Out of CH Creekside’s Spring Melody:

  • CH Creekside’s Sam
  • CH Shannon’s Aurora of Creekside
  • CH Creekside’s Serenade

Out of CH Delldachs Tethys:

  • CH Caradach’s Old Black Magic W
  • CH Caradach’s Li’l Abner W
  • CH Caradach’s Daisy Mae W

Out of Westphal’s Gin Fizzle:

  • CH Westphals Rock The Boat

Out of CH Moorehope Wendy:

  • CH Willow Winds Don Dominico
  • CH Willow Winds First Noel
  • CH Willow Winds LuLu La Bell

Out of Harmo Lady Guinevere:

  • CH Harmo Gwydion
  • CH Harmo Gwendolen

Out of CH Harmo Sunburst:

  • CH Harmo Sunshine On My Shoulder
  • CH Harmo Sunshine On Mt Shoulder

Out of CH Brierhill’s Molly W:

  • CH Brierhill’s High Jinks W
  • CH Brierhill’s Honey Bear W

Out of CH Red Locket Jeanie W:

  • CH Weber’s Joey W
  • CH Jerry W of Heying-Teckel

Out of CH Alicia V Hart Wire:

  • CH J-Lynnes Marguarita W
  • CH J-Lynnes Sahuaro W

Out of CH Westphal’s The Tippler W:

  • CH Bookmark’s Mrs. B
  • CH Bookmark’s Ms Peppercorn W

Out of Wildfire True Grit W:

  • CH Wildfire Begorrah W
  • CH Wildfire Hallelujah W

Out of CH Broadcheck Double Gin:

  • CH Westphals Cream Sherry

Out of CH Lindachs Jodi W:

  • CH Lindachs Most Happy Fella
  • CH Lindachs Lugar W

Out of Erindachs Lady W of Shannon:

  • CH Erindachs Shaunessey W

Out of CH Herthwood’s Farthing:

  • CH Raihorn Battle-Ax

Out of CH Wag’s Kallme Kate W:

  • CH Gypsyrose of Distlefink