CH Westphal’s Wandering Wind ROMO


Judge Dr C William Nixon Handler Dorothy Pickett

Wild Boar Standard Wirehaired Dog
Sire: CH Pondwicks Hobgoblin ROMO
Dam: CH Westphal’s Christmas Eve
Whelped: July 18, 1965
Died: April 7, 1981
Breeder: Peggy Westphal
Owners: Dorothy Pickett and Mrs Richard Lang

DCA BOV 1970


Out of CH DeSangpur Sprite:

  • CH Westphal’s Delightful
  • CH Westphal’s Dashing
  • CH Westphal’s Debonair

Out of CH Charlamar’s Sundae W:

  • CH Tharp’s Cee Zee W
  • CH Tharps Gigi W

Out of CH Vantebe’s Draht Taune:

  • CH Vantebe’s Draht Stella of Hi-Fi

Out of Holmdachs Honey of Midernoch:

  • CH Villa Rosas Tenor v Midernoch

Out of CH DeSangpur Oh So Sweet:

  • CH Kappus’ Jolly Herman
  • CH Amboss

Out of CH Barhar New Girl in Town W:

  • CH Saytar Spring Fever W
  • CH Saytar Bohannon
  • CH Saytar’s Bee GI

Out of CH Pondwicks Queen of Night:

  • CH Rose Farm’s Wishfull Thinking

Out of Herthwood’s Tokay:

  • CH Herthwood’s Trade Wind
  • CH Herthwood’s Gale Wind
  • CH Herthwood’s Windstorm

Out of Penthouse Inez Celloyd:

  • CH Penthouse Morley’s Ghost
  • CH Penthouse Captain George
  • CH Penthouse Gracious Living

Out of CH Catalpa’s Gay Wire:

  • CH Tanga-Ta Piccadilly Circus

Out of CH Celloyd Samantha:

  • CH Penthouse Wallace Wire

Out of CH Vantebe’s Draht Kahlua:

  • CH Herthwood’s Valoute
  • CH Herthwood’s Crepe Suzette

Out of CH Dell-Ta Greta Anne:

  • CH Brenda W of Arco

Out of CH Remanded’s Carat W:

  • CH Brierhill’s Bristle Breeze W