Am/Eng CH Jagie’s I Love The Night Life

CH Jagie's I Love the Nightlife

CH Jagie’s I Love the Nightlife








Red Standard Smooth Dog
Sire: DC Jagie’s Sunkissed Phoenix ROMO
Dam: CH Jagie’s Ariel Of Whistlestop ROMX
Whelped: November 22, 2002
Died: NA
Breeder: Lynne Allen and Eric Henningsen
Owner: Eric Henningsen, Lynne Allen and Lovaine Coxon

Out of CH Jagie’s Erica V Darshan:

  • DC Darshan Reddy Or Not
  • DC Darshans Hummer V Jagies
  • CH Darshan All The Rave SS

Out of CH Rose Gate Jagie Lady Slipper ROMO:

  • CH Jagie’s Guilty Pleasures
  • CH Jagie’s Hot Pink Knickers

Out of Chica II:

  • CH Hampdachs Willow
  • CH Hampdachs Mighty Oak
  • CH Hampdachs Redwood

Out of CH Jayroc Waltzacross Texas SS ROMX:

  • CH Jayroc Otto von Floresville SS
  • CH Jayroc Down In MS Up To No Good
  • CH Jayroc Walking In High Cotton
  • CH Jayroc Down Around Biloxi SS