CH Han-Jo’s Wee Black Daemon MS ROM

CH Han-Jo's Wee Black Daemon MS

CH Han-Jo’s Wee Black Daemon MS







Black and Tan Miniature Smooth Dog
Sire: CH Han-Jo’s Wee Telemachus MS
Dam: Han-Jo’s Wee Dancing Doll MS
Whelped: December 2, 1998
Died: Date unknown
Breeder: Hannelor Heller
Owner: Hannelor Heller


Out of CH Dilu Brandy’s Fancy Cracker MS:

  • CH Dilu Dashondowns Seattle Slew MS

Out of CH P’s Lit’l Wee-Wee Of Cherylin:

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  • CH Cherylins Wee Willy Winky MS

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  • CH Tombars Restless Devil v Jagie

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Out of Corray’s Bay Minette MSD:

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  • CH Corray’s Russell V Weldachs

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  • CH Vongay-Cherylin Cop-R Wire

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  • CH Cherylins Wee Get-Her-Done MS
  • CH Cherylin’s Wee Go-Get ‘Um MS

Out of Kinder’s Desert Desire MS:

  • DC Kinder’s Wee Desert Devil MS

Out of CH Rosethorn Northern Lights MW:

  • CH Rosethorn Gaity MW

Out of CH Petalpusher Copper Peony MS:

  • CH Han-Jo’s Wee Brunhilde MS

Out of Vanetta von Breamwal MS:

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