DC Carrdox Broadway Joe ROM


Black and Tan Standard Smooth Dog
Sire: CH Watkins Carpe Diem
Dam: Hi-Li’s Hidden Treasure
Died: Date unknown
Breeder:  Sharon Carr
Owner: Sharon Carr

Out of FC Bravehearts South Pacific ROM:

  • CH Carrdox National Anthem

Out of Carrdox Cheyenne Dream’n:

  • DC Carrdox Storybook Streganona JE
  • FC Carrdox Keepsake

Out of CH Carrdoxs Ice Image:

Out of CH Carrdoxs Mercedes:

  • CH Carrdox Full Tilt Boogie

Out of DC Cherevee Storybook Stella SS:

  • CH Storybook Geraldine Music Mouse
  • CH Storybook Velveteen Rabbit

Out of DC Neibur’s Calliope:

  • CH Sausage Stables Dream of Me
  • CH Sausage Stables Imagine Me
  • DC Sausage Stables Remember Me

Out of Rosadachs Taniah JE:

Out of Sausage Stables I’m Sophie:

  • DC Carrdox Simply Sally