CH Jo And Jo’s Packers O Henry ML ROM


Chocolate & Tan Miniature Longhaired Dog
Sire: CH Jo an Jo’s Chocolate Express ML
Dam: CH Packers Silver Swirl JoanJo-M
Whelped: September 15,1988
Died:”Date unknown”
Breeder: Joan L. Oates
Owner: Derryll Packer



Out of Packers Honey Of Four Rose’s:

Out of Packers Sweet-n-Sassy:

  • CH Packers Mr Goodbar

Out of Solo Fudge Ripple v Flach ML:

Out of CH Barbemac’s Hidden Assets ML:

  • CH Barbemac’s Taste O’Chocolate ML
  • CH Barbemac’s Hidden Memory ML
  • CH Barbemac’s Hot Chocolate ML

Out of Packer’s Lil Freckles MS:

  • CH Packer’s My Lil Freckles-MS

Out of Flachshund’s Rememberance MDL

  • CH Sarou’s Celtic Song MLd
  • CH Sarou’s Avalon ML
  • CH Sarou’s Celtic Oisin MLD

Out of Packer’s Silver Sophie ML

  • CH Packer’s Arberglen Mr Big ML
  • CH Packer’s Li’l Keebler ML
  • CH Packer’s Cookies N’Cream ML
  • CH Packer’s Brown Sugar ML

Out of Packer’s Sparkling Lady ML:

  • CH Packer’s Li’l Twix ML

DC Barbemac’s Easy To Spot ML:

Our of Packer’s Wee Wilhelmina ML:

  • CH Packer’s Wee Sierra ML

Out of Sarah Linn:

  • CH Miss Cora Linn