Obedience Merit Awards


Each year, the Dachshund Club of America awards certificates to the top ten Dachshund obedience competitors.  These awards are commonly referred to as the Obedience Merit Awards.

The calculation methodology for the Obedience Merit Awards is based on the “First and Foremost” points a dog earns during a calendar year.  For each successful qualifying score during the year in question, a dog earns points based on the schedule shown below.  The more times a dog qualifies, the more merit points the dog accumulates with the following caveats:

  • Dogs in the Open and Utility classes earn points every time they qualify while dogs in Novice only accumulate points for 60 days after they earn their Companion Dog (CD) title.
  • Qualifying scores in non-regular and optional titling classes do not earn any merit points.  Only scores in the Novice, Open, and Utility classes count toward the DCA Obedience Merit Awards.

   Score                         Merit Points

170-174.5                                1

175-179.5                                2

180-184.5                                3

185-189.5                                4

190-194.5                                5

195-198.5                                6

199-199.5                                7

     200                                     8