2014 DCA Obedience Merit Awards



Call Name Registered Name Class #Scores Points
1  Zeke FC Duchwood’s Hide and Zeke MS UDX7 OM7 407
2  Shine Owl Farms Shining Star ML UDX RAE AX AXJ JE 55
3 Mister Northwoods Man on the Moon SL CD BN GN RE 47
4 Ripley OTCH Ripley’s Believe It or Not UDX OM2 VER ME 29
5 Cassidy Sophie Madeleine Cassidy CD BN RA CGCA 21
6 Sam Buckshot Peanut UD BN GN RN 19
7 Gabby D’Parks Camo Glam Gabriella MSD CD  16
7 Goose Creek’s Longest Tail ML CDX  16
9 Auti Dreamcatcher Queen of Hearts UD RAE CGCA  15
10  Daisy Criscross Daisy MS CD BN CGC  14