UDX Dachshunds

1 Ginger Snap Cookie Pindor UDX CG December 17, 1994
2 Owl Farms Sly Star ML UDX†  September 1995
3 OTCH Luhnau KL Chateaubriand MW UDX‡  
4 DC E Dachs Armor Of L And C UDX ME September 20, 1998
5 Sanmars Emily Jane Docshund UDX October 1998
6 Orchardwood’s Galaxy ML UDX 1999
7 DC Ivic’s Indelible Ink UDX ME CGC CG VC July 2, 2000
8 Owl Farms Blazing Star ML UDX CGC† October 2000
9 Dickens Talilu Kate Nickleby UDX March 24, 2001
10 Victory’s Emilie der Lump W UDX April 1, 2001
11 DC Owl Farms I Wannabe A Star ML UDX JE VC† December 2005
12 H’rtland H’ls HellenWheels ML UDX April 2006
13 DC Fancy That Sheshannah SW UDX RE TD VC February 2007
14 Dreamcatcher Aces High UDX VER RAE September 28, 2010
15 Ripley’s Believe It Or Not UDX OM1 VER ME December 12, 2010
16 FC Duchwood’s Hide And Zeke MS UDX OM1 March 24, 2012
17 Owl Farms Shining Star ML UDX RAE OA OAJ JE† June 28, 2013

*Title went into effect on January 1, 1994.

UDX title completed after OTCH as AKC would not grandfather qualifying performances from before the UDX title existed.

† Minnie (Owl Farms Sly Star) is the mother of Blaze (Owl Farms Blazing Star).  Blaze is the mother of Star (Owl Farms I Wannabe A Star).  Star is the mother of Shine (Owl Farms Shining Star).  Four generations of UDX dogs owned by Jackie Nicholas.  Jackie is also the breeder of Blaze, Star, and Shine.