Sites such as this do not spring from a vacuum.  As such, we would like to thank the following people:

MaryAnne Teal for providing inspiration through her expanded listings of ROM/X/O dogs on her website.

Mark and Melissa Sworab for their pedigree database and Alicia Rescek for her work there.

Barbara and Wayne Bolton, Deb McCollum and Colleen Samaroo for their work on the DCA pedigree database.

Carol Luetkens and Cheri Faust for their pedigree program, which was amazingly error-free!

Vicki Spencer, for her help in trying to make the DCA Archive pictures available to us for a time.

Carrie Hamilton, Gordon Heldebrandt,  John Jeanneney, Patricia Nance, Lois Ballard and Cheri Faust for their efforts over the years to document the history of Dachshund field trials.

Bob and Ann Wlodkowski and Joyce Warren for their infinite patience as we flooded them with ROM applications.

The late Sidney J. Twining whose Breeder’s Notebook, first published as a series of articles in The American Dachshund from 1944-1946 and kept in print by the Dachshund Club of America, has provided food for thought for generations of Dachshund fanciers.

AKC Archivist Norma Rosado-Blake for her research assistance.

Irene Khatoonian Schlintz for her Phillips Top Ten System as well as her book, Dachshunds, Top Producers 1965-1980 and Top Ten Winners.

We also are indebted to the publications listed below:

The American Dachshund

The Dachshund Club of America Newsletter

The Dachshund Reporter

The Dachshund Review

Dachshund Variety

The AKC Gazette

Dog News

The New York Times


Cox on Dachshunds by Herman G. Cox

The Complete Dachshund by Milo G. Denlinger

The Complete Dachshund by Dee and Bruce Hutchinson

The Dachshund or Teckel by Herbert Sanborn

The Dachshund by Marcia Foy and Anna K. Nicholas
(contains articles submitted by individuals about their kennels and dogs)

This Is The Dachshund by Leonore Loeb Adler

The New Dachshund by Lois Meistrell

Your Dachshund by Herman G. Cox

Your Dachshund by Grayce Greenburg