English Kennel Names


ARMADALE – Colonel W.G. Bedford – Eng CH Rose of Armadale was the first British longhaired CH.

BRANDESBURTON – Claude Woodhead, also a successful German kennel from which Woodhead obtained his breeding stock. Both the English and German “Brandesburton” lines appear in American pedigrees.
BRINCLIFFE – Miss K. Cheaney
BUCKMEAD – Mr. & Mrs. Bucks
BURD – Mrs. D. W. Elliott

DACHSWALL – Mrs. P. A. Clayton
DALLING – Mrs. K. Fraser Ellis
D’ARISCA – Lovaine Coxan
DELPHIK – Mr. and Mrs. Fielding
DUNKERQUE – Sir Charles Lambe

FERNWOOD – Mrs. P. S. Allen
FIRS – Mrs. Rhona Huggins

GRACECHURCH – Mrs. W. Grace (miniature longhaireds)
GRIXFORDS – Mr. George Ricks (brother of E. W. Ricks)
GRUNWALD – Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Lloyd

HAWKSTONE – Miss N. Hille – Eng. CH Hawkstone Matelot won 22 CCs
HILLTREES – Lt. Colonel A. Hodge
HONEY – Major P. C. G. Hayward – Honey strain founded in 1893 with a chocolate smooth purchased from Major Mr. Harry Jones
HOYLIN – Miss Mary Fletcherbased on Mornyvarna and Primrose Patch lines

IMBER – Miss K.M. Rain

JACKNORDIE – Mrs. Wakefield

KARS – Miss Dixons – imported from Germany an in-whelp bitch and from this litter Klein Kurio was kept.
KENSAL – Mr. E. W. Ricks
KNOWLTON – Mrs. Herdman Knowlton – Whose Chocolate Soldier was probably best of early miniature longhaireds

MINIVALE – Mrs. E.A. Winder – Owner & breeder of the first miniature smooth CH in Britain, CH Minivale Miraculous.
MONTREUX – Mr. Angel Negal – Owner & breeder of the first miniature smooth bitch CH in Britain, CH Minivale Contessina of Montreux.
MORNYVARNA Mrs. Portman Graham – Whose most famous dog was Eng. CH Marcus of Mornyvarna, first miniature longhaired dog champion

NORTHANGER – Mrs. Howard Joyce

PRIMROSE PATCH – Mrs. Smith Rewse
QUERNS – Miss Dorothy Spurrier

ROBSVARL – Mrs. Ireland-Blackburne – Whose foundation was Blumlein of Primrose Patch (Knowlton Chocolate Soldier x Zwerg Golden Primrose)
ROSTEAGUE – Mrs. Van Gutten
RUSHTON- Mrs. M.W. Willows

SEALE – Mrs. M. Howard
SELWOOD – Mrs. P. Hood-Wright
SILWOOD – Mrs. Wakefield
SILVAE – Mrs. Grosvenor Workman
SUNARA – Mr. and Mrs. Fielding

TAVISTONE – Mr. C.E. Rattee

VON DER HOWITT – Mme. P. P. Rikosvsky – Imported the great German black and tan, Eng. CH Zeus vom Schwarenburg, bred by Herr Emil Schray.  Zeus carried the long gene and highly influenced both early smooth and longhaired breeding.
VON DER WEYHER – Mr. J. E. Langdale
VON WALDER – Mrs. L.S. Bellamy – Owner of first miniature longhaired bitch champion, Eng. CH Chloe von Walder, in 1948.

WENDYLITT – Mrs. Littmoden
WYLDE – Miss S.N. Evans
WOMACK – Mr. and Mrs. Gale

Mrs. Allingham – Pioneer in longs, foundation from Austria
Major Harry Jones – Imported Tiger Reinecke from Germany in 1890, the first dapple known in Britain.
Mr. R. W. Pilkington and Mrs. Gath – Owner of famous Eng. CH Ashdown Skipper (standard chocolate)
Mr. John F. Sayer – Began breeding in 1894, imported Racker von der Ecke from Germany in 1903