Dunkeldorf: Tommy and Jean Dunk


Indisputably, the most influential breeder of Standard Smooths in the late 1960s was Dunkeldorf kennel, owned by Tommy and Jean Dunk. Although they bred their last litter in 1971, the look and style of ‘Dunkeldorf’ is still evident forty years later.

The Dunks lived in the hotbed of Dachshund activity – Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville was then home to Colonel and Peg Hohl, Benny Dennard and soon Gracie Hill and Janet Wayock. From their first litter in 1960 to their final litter in 1971, they produced over 40 champions, but numbers alone do not  convey how much they influenced the Smooth variety.

Their first litter was from a pet bitch they owned, sired by a local BIS winner, CH Dachsland’s Dynamo. After finishing a dog and a bitch from this litter, they were hooked. They then bought two daughters of CH Raven of Heying-Teckel II, Damaris of Anchorage and Triste of Anchorage, who they finished in short order. Their next acquisitions were CH Fleming’s Cherry Carmela and CH Timbar’s Bubbling Over, two linebred Gera bitches who turned out to be amazing producers!!

CH Raven of Heying-Teckel II


The breeding of the clear red CH Fleming’s Cherry Carmela to the Heying’s magnificent CH Falcon of Heying -Teckel ROMO produced one of the most important litters in Dachshund breed history. Line bred on the Gera greats with a lot of Heying-Teckel and Marienlust as well as early Fleming, the this first foray into show lines really hit pay dirt for the Dunks. On Sept 4, 1962, their “F” litter was born. Five puppies went on to not only finish their championships but also make a huge impact on the Smooth variety. Most significant was CH Dunkeldorf Falcon’s Favorite ROMO who was the Top Producing Smooth of all time with 96 American champions, until CH Laddland A Wing and A Prayer ROMO surpassed his total in the 1990s. Falcon’s Favorite was not specialed but was widely used as soon as his producing abilities became apparent. His puppies were very stylish with that beautifully typical outline. Perhaps CH Sheen v Westphalen ROMO was his most prolifically producing son.

CH Falcon of Heying-Teckel, BV, Judge George Spradling on to Group 2, San Diego DC, from Veteran’s Class 1960

CH Dunkeldorf Falcon’s Favorite


Littermate CH Dunkeldorf’s Falcon Forester ROMO, known as Big Red, was acquired by the Hardys for their clients, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Stalter of Barberry Knowe Kennel. He finished by going Best of Breed from the Open Standard Class at the 1964 DCA National Specialty under Jeannette Cross. Big Red returned the next year to go BOS-V and BOS-B to his sister! He was a big winning Special for the Stalters as well as being a very nice producer.

CH Dunkeldorf’s Falcon Forester ROMO


CH Dunkeldorf’s Falcon Fantasy followed in Big Red’s shoes by winning Best of Breed at the 1965 DCA National Specialty. This was the first time that littermates were Best of Breed at the National Specialty in two different years.

CH Dunkeldorf’s Falcon Fantasy, Judge Bud Lough and Handler Bill Callahan


The fourth littermate was CH Dunkeldorf’s Falcon Fantasia, owned by the David Stoerrs’ from Ohio, who also was a top winning special in the Midwest. Finally, the fifth champion from the litter was CH Dunkeldorf’s Falcon Frappe.

CH Dunkeldorf’s Falcon Fantasia


For their next litter, the Dunks bred their CH Timbar’s Bubbling Over to her grandfather, CH Fleet of Gera, resulting in the nice producer, Dunkeldorf’s Gimlet ROMX.


The last litter sired by the great CH Falcon of Heying-Teckel ROMO was out of CH Damaris of Anchorage and produced CH Dunkeldorf’s Falcon’s Isolde, Best in Sweepstakes at DCA 1964.

CH Dunkeldorf’s Falcon’s Isolde, Judge Frank Hardy, Handler Larry Krebs


CH Dunkeldorf’s Jagerlust was from CH Dunkeldorf’s Falcon Forester ROMO, bred to Dunkeldorf”s Gimlet ROMX. He was a stylish dog with a beautiful head, also acquired by Mr. and Mrs .Stalter.  Shown by Frank and Dorothy Hardy, he was in the Top ten for three years.

CH Dunkeldorf’s Jagerlust

The top producer, CH Dunkeldorf’s Jungfrau was a littermate of Jagerlust and another of these five Champion littermates. She also produced the ROM smooths, CH Dunkeldorf’s Sundlich and CH Dunkeldorf’s Senta ROM.

CH Dunkeldorf’s Kaiser, son of CH Timbar’s Bubbling Over, was a typical CH Dunkeldorf Falcon’s Favorite ROMO son. Great type, big fronted, fantastic outline. It was offspring like this that launched him as a great producer.


CH Dunkeldorf’s Kaiser, Judge Dr C William Nixon, Handler Harriet Crocker


CH Dunkeldorf’s Mitkampfer (Falcon’s Favorite ex CH Triste of Anchorage) was an outstanding dog who, shown by John Wade, won a BIS from the classes. Wins like this cemented the high esteem Smooth breeders had for the Dunkeldorf line.

CH Dunkeldorf’s Mitkampfer

The “R” litter (CH Dunkeldorf Falcon’s Favorite ROMO ex Dunkeldorf’s Gimlet ROMX) from 1967 had a couple of BIS dogs in it. First was CH Dunkeldorf’s Rittmeister, 3 time BIS winner and also Number One Smooth for 1971. His most prestigious win was winning Best of Breed at DCA 1970 under the incomparable Rose Heying. He is very reminiscent of CH Falcon of Heying-Teckel ROMO in that win picture!

CH Dunkeldorf’s Rittmeister, Judge Rose Heying, Handler Tommy Dunk, DCA 1970 Best of Breed winner

CH Dunkeldorf’s Richter was another of the six champion littermates of Dunk’s “R” litter, sired by Falcon’s Favorite and out of the intensely Gera bred Dunkeldorf’s Gimlet ROMX. He was a big winning Special for the George Hendricksons of Illinois. Shown by the respected Larry Downey, he was a multiple BIS winner and in the Top Ten for two years, cresting at Number Two Smooth (behind Rittmeister) in 1971. The Hendricksons had sponsored several Smooths specials before Richter, but after Mr. Downey’s retirement, Hannelore Heller finished his show career and became their new handler. She the converted them to Longhaireds where they went on to special CH B’s Javelin de Bayard ROMO as well as CH Von Dyck’s Mr Bojangles L  ROMX.

CH Dunkeldorf’s Richter

After judging the DCA Specialty, the Heyings acquired a Falcon’s Favorite son, CH Dunkeldorf’s Zahlmeister, out of CH Dunkeldorf’s Ophelia.

CH Dunkeldorf’s Zahlmeister, judge Kay Finch, Handler Rose Heying


CH Dunkeldorf’s Gunther, sired by CH Dunkeldorf Falcon’sFavorite ROMO, out of Corlew’s Sushelia, another line bred Gera bitch, was a Special who placed in the Top Ten Smooths for three years, shown usually by Bobby Barlow, but occasionally, as here, by Bobby Fowler. Gunther was owned by breeder-judge Lem Strauss of New Jersey. He was the last Dunkeldorf special to be campaigned and in the Top Ten.

CH Dunkeldorf’s Gunther, Judge Howard Tyler, Handler Bobby Fowler

Although Gunther was a multiple group winner, his main claim to fame is siring CH Farmeadow Light Up the Sky ROMO, three times DCA BV winner, shown by Bobby Fowler for owners Charles Baris and John Hart.

In about 12 years and in a little over twenty litters, Tommy and Jean Dunk made an indelible impression on the Smooth Dachshund and that influence, along with that distinctive Dunkeldorf look and style, is still very apparent in the ring today.

They retired to Central Florida and resided in Lake Worth, Florida where they lost their last Dachshund, CH Dunkeldorf’s Dratsab, in 1985. Both deceased now, their name will forever be behind the best in Smooth Dachshunds.

Dan Harrison,  July 2012 

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