Rose Farm Standard Smooths

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Nov 252014

The Rose Farm dogs of the Onthanks-Nancy and Dee-were the first things that were started by the new Dachshund breeders. It is amazing to see the changes made by Dee long after Mrs. Nancy Onthank was no longer breeding. They did get better and better as the years went on.

Also, the dogs bred by Mrs. Onthank were named “of Rose Farm” while Dee’s were always named “Rose Farm’s” and that, too, showed the differences in the different lines.

Please see the Standard Smooths at: “Standard Smooths of Rose Farm”

Better late than never … 2013 AKC Title Statistics for Dachshunds

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Oct 022014

A little late in providing these statistics … work has gotten in the way of my leisure activities far too much this year!

In 2013, Dachshunds earned the following AKC titles:



• 582 Championships

• 186 Grand Championships

• 90 Field Championships

• 35 Dual Championships — Out of a total 199 DCs earned across all AKC breeds, 148 of which were earned by Hound breeds … mostly sighthounds. Only 8 DC Bassets and no DC Beagle titles completed in 2013.

• 1 Obedience Championship

• 2 Master Agility Championships

• 3 Preferred Agility Championships


In addition to the new agility championships earned:

• 3 Dachshunds reached the MACH2 level

• 1 reached MACH3

• 1 reached MACH5

• 1 reached MACH8

• 1 reached MACH9

• 1 reached PACH2

• 1 reached PACH4


Suffix Obedience Titles

• 22 Companion Dog (CD) titles

• 7 Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) titles

• 2 Utility Dog (UD) titles

• 1 Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) title

• 1 Obedience Master (OM) title

• 39 Beginner Novice (BN) title

• 1 Graduate Novice (GN) title


In addition to the obedience titles listed above:

• 1 Dachshund reached UDX3 level

• 1 Dachshund reached UDX4

• 1 Dachshund reached UDX5

• 1 reached OM3

• 1 reached OM4l

• 1 reached OM5


Suffix Tracking Titles

• 5 Tracking Dog (TD) titles

• 4 Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) titles


Earthdog Titles

• 38 Junior Earthdog (JE) titles — Out of 156 JEs earned across all AKC breeds

• 19 Senior Earthdog (SE) titles — Out of 96 SEs earned across all AKC breeds

• 12 Master Earthdog (ME) titles — Out of 61 MEs earned across all AKC breeds

• 3 Endurance Earthdog (EE) titles — Out of 14 EEs earned across all AKC breeds


Rally Titles

• 64 Rally Novice (RN) titles

• 24 Rally Advanced (RA) titles

• 12 Rally Excellent (RE) titles

• 4 Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) titles


In addition to the rally titles listed above:

• 1 Dachshund reached RAE2 level


Suffix Agility Titles

• 27 Novice Agility (NA) titles

• 16 Open Agility (OA) titles

• 15 Agility Excellent (AX) titles

• 8 Master Agility Excellent (MX) titles

• 5 Master Bronze Agility (MXB) titles

• 4 Master Silver Agility (MXS) titles

• 3 Master Gold Agility (MXG) titles

• 1 Master Century Agility (MXC) title

• 30 Novice Agility Jumper (NAJ) titles

• 16 Open Agility Jumper (OAJ) titles

• 16 Excellent Agility Jumper (AXJ) titles

• 7 Master Excellent Jumper (MXJ) titles

• 5 Master Bronze Jumper (MJB) titles

• 3 Master Silver Jumper (MJS) titles

• 6 Master Gold Jumper (MJG) titles

• 3 Master Century Jumper (MJC) title


In addition to the regular agility titles listed above:

• 2 Dachshunds reached MXB2 level

• 2 reached MXS2

• 1 reached MXB3

• 1 reached MXS3

• 1 reached MXG3

• 1 reached MJB2

• 1 reached MJS2

• 1 reached MJB3

• 1 reached MJS3

• 1 reached MJG3

• 1 reached MJC3


Suffix Preferred Agility Titles

• 14 Novice Agility Preferred (NAP) titles

• 11 Open Agility Preferred (OAP) titles

• 7 Agility Excellent Preferred (AXP) titles

• 6 Master Agility Excellent Preferred (MXP) titles

• 1 Master Bronze Agility Preferred (MXPB) title

• 3 Master Silver Agility Preferred (MXPS) titles

• 12 Novice Agility Jumper Preferred (NJP) titles

• 10 Open Agility Jumper Preferred (OJP) titles

• 4 Excellent Agility Jumper Preferred (AJP) titles

• 6 Master Excellent Jumper Preferred (MJP) titles

• 3 Master Bronze Jumper Preferred (MJPB) titles

• 4 Master Silver Jumper Preferred (MJPS) titles

• 1 Master Gold Jumper Preferred (MJPG) titles

• 3 Preferred Agility Excellent (PAX) titles


In addition to the preferred agility titles listed above:

• 2 Dachshunds reached MXP2 level

• 3 reached MXP3

• 4 reached MXP4

• 3 reached MXP5

• 1 reached MXP6

• 1 reached MXP13

• 1 reached MXP14

• 1 reached MXP15

• 1 reached MXP16

• 1 reached MXPS2

• 1 reached MJP3

• 2 reached MJP4

• 4 reached MJP5

• 2 reached MJP6

• 1 reached MJP7

• 1 reached MJP8

• 1 reached MJP14

• 1 reached MJP15

• 1 reached MJP16

• 1 reached MJP17

• 1 reached MJPS2

• 1 reached MJPG2

• 1 reached PAX2

• 1 reached PAX6


FAST Agility Titles

• 11 Novice FAST (NF) titles

• 7 Open FAST (OF) titles

• 3 Excellent FAST (XF) titles

• 5 Novice FAST Preferred (NFP) titles

• 1 Open FAST Preferred (OFP) title

• 1 Excellent FAST Preferred (XFP) title


T2B Agility Titles

• 3 Time To Beat Preferred (T2BP) titles

• 4 Time To Beat Preferred (T2BP) titles


Coursing Ability Titles

• 374 Coursing Ability (CA) titles

• 7 Coursing Ability Advanced (CAA) titles

• 2 Coursing Ability Advanced (CAX) titles


Therapy Dog Titles

• 10 Therapy Dog (THD) titles


Canine Good Citizen Titles

• 175 Canine Good Citizen (CGC) titles

• 2 Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA) titles


Kudos to the hard working hounds and handlers behind by these figures!


Tracy Freeling

The Death of a Top Special and Producer

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Jun 272014

Here is a story on a big Dachshund winner of the late ’60s and his death. What happens then is a puzzlement to many of us , but this actually happened. Any questions will be answered at TDHP FB page.

Read about CH Charlamar’s Noah W’s passing and the effect it had on his owner here:


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Jun 142014

TDHP website now has 150, 000 hits and has done all this without advertising or any other means of getting our name out in public!


You guys rock and you all are doing great in looking up the information you need on the website!


What a website and what great readers we have!



George Spradling Talks about Conformation, Faults and Virtues

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Jun 092014

After George Spradling judged a nice entry at Beverly Hills KC in 1966, he was a guest at a dinner and talked about his favorite breed, the Dachshund. Mrs. Barbara Nichols recorded his remarks and after the discussion, Mr. Spradling read the transcript and gave it his approval.

He talks about conformation, faults and virtues, how they show up in the Dachshund ring and how we need to do something about the faults that recur in our breeding programs. He talks about looking for virtues, not faults; why the forequarters are much more important than the rear and why ‘square’ rears are not what the breed needs.

His points are easy to follow and we hope the article gives you some things to consider in your outlook on what to strive for in your breedings.

John Cook- A Remembrance

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Jun 072014

When we lose someone as great as John Cook, we really have to wonder about even discussing him, as each of his assignments were important to this Breed.  For a long time, his decisions maintained the look in the Breed to which many of us strove.  and his reasons for that look were what we are still trying to understand.

I, personally, always had a great relationship with Mr. Cook and we never had anything that came between us, even though he did not like all my dogs and his decisions often made that clear. We always talked Dachshunds and their history.  As you can see from the dogs he put up, he had one look that he preferred; he really tried to keep the long, low and level Dachshund with which most of us fell in love.

As friends, we kept our talks about other things and never talked about my dogs at all, but we did have great conversations about the Dachshund Breed in general, as well as Dachshund people. We were great friends, and I still miss him all the time.

Read about my remembrance of Mr. Cook here:


Goodbye to Ben Klimkiewicz from the American Dachshund, Oct ’73

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Jun 012014

Here is Mary Howell’s heartfelt goodbye to her friend and mentor, Ben Klimkiewicz. It touches on what he had in dogs and what he thought was important in breeding…and that, of course, meant FRONTS.

Read about his history in the Breed and how he and his smooth dogs helped Mary Howell get the fronts she so proudly showed in the ring.

Again, enjoy this slice of history and read it on TDHP website along with other material: