Dachshund are eligible to compete in more AKC event venues than any other breed:  conformation, field trials, obedience, tracking, earthdog, agility, rally obedience and as of 2011, all-breed coursing.  That is a testament to what Dachshund fanciers have known since the breed’s creation.  Though initially bred to bolt badger underground, the Dachshund was also employed above ground by German forresters to push hare and retrieve.

The Versatility program of the Dachshund Club of America recognizes dogs who have titled in multiple AKC venues.  Dogs must earn at least one conformation point plus title in three or more non-conformation venues in order to qualify.  Those that meet the program requirements are awarded a certificate and allowed to append “VC” to their name as a suffix title.

The DCA Triathlon program began in 2001.  Dogs qualifying at the DCA National performance and companion events are awarded points based on the degree of difficulty of their win/Q.  At each national specialty, the dog garnering the most points is crowned as the Triathlon winner after the completion of the last companion event, traditionally the DCA National Obedience Trial.